CLOSING this blog for now! ^^

7. April 2015

Visit me on my other sites for more posts! This blog is closed for now 🙂



12. März 2015

Getting famous on the internet is quite challenging! Hahahaha It takes time and efford, but someday I will make it! Focussing on Deviantart first. Then I will build up my presence on other pages. Have a lot of fun hunting for Illustration Jobs on Deviantart, getting more and more watchers and commissions. Its really a fun game! XD

Check out my latest Artworks on my Deviantart account: MAXIMKOs GALLERY

Still need to make a better profile on Deviantart… But it takes sooooooo much tiiiiiime XDDD Patience!


Magical Elfgirl

20. Januar 2015

This time with background! Still technically not where I want it to be, but the skin is shiny so everything is fine! XD Tried new brushes, getting braver with colors and light. A lot of trial and error in this picture, had till the end no plan about how this picture will look like XD

Focusing on my presence on deviantart ( and on making a game. Will not upload often here. Probably the most important pictures ^^



30. Dezember 2014

Still not the way I want it but its getting better! And it was so much fun! 🙂 Really nice last picture before New Years Eve. Will go out and make a snowman NYAHAHAHAHAHA NICE TIME TO EVERYONE!!!! XD


Sparkling girl with tattoos and WORKFLOW!!!

16. Dezember 2014

This looks not bad! hahahaha Okay, I am starting to do some workflow and tutorial stuff. So at first some simple step by step development of this picture. I have actually a pretty messed up workflow. And that is not very effective if you want to get more and more realistic. But meh, fun is fun. I should have done more sparkles!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA  By the way, for those tattoos I used sketches from my sketchbook. Trying to combine my traditional and digital pics. Have fun!!! 😀







Dwelling on touchy thoughts

18. November 2014

A really relaxing practice! And I even did a background! And I used different brushes! This is going good ahahahahahha



6. November 2014

After this picture I have eyes like this frog! My brain just all the time „I cant I cant“ and I order my brain „do..DO…JUST DO IT!!!!“ Its kind of a struggle and yeah, I am talking to my brain all the time, until we both are exhausted! Then I go and chop some wood XDD This pic was a nice practice. I think I am getting better, but still, I cant say I have any clue of what I am doing. So more practiceeeeeee….after chopping wood!