Practice PRACTICE :) (毎日練習)

26. September 2014

Right now its all about practicing. Nothing special, just taking fotos as references and trying to paint them as good as possible. Getting used to Photoshop, using new brushes. I am not thinking much about charakter or the meaning of the picture. I am just painting from life telling my brain to communicate better with my eyes hahhaha I made at least one of such paintings every day since the last blog post. Those are just the last ones, now I need a break so that my brain has time to grow even bigger! ahahahaha Will go for a nice long walk by the sea:))

blondegirl_ximko cherokee_ximko girl laughing_ximko redshirt_girl3_ximko


Punky knight girl and Glasses girl

14. September 2014

Yohohoho Drawing girls with glasses is always motivating for me! XD Glasses make the picture perfect ahahahaha


Portrait test

13. September 2014

Testing and getting used to Photoshop! But Photoshop is not the problem, lack of value and saturation skills IS! A few more doodles and then I will start practice that will level me up.

I cant wait to get better, okay, its really fun already now, but its only the beginning!!!! XD


Lets do this AGAIN! XD

12. September 2014

Time to start drawing for real! Lets start slowly, relaxed and happily but with gods hand!  🙂

Strange to draw on computer again. Didn´t touch Photoshop for 2 years! hahaha

Didnt draw much in the last 2 years, mostly writing while travelling. It was phantastic to travel… Now lets have fun drawing for some time!!!! Get real skills!!!