30. Dezember 2014

Still not the way I want it but its getting better! And it was so much fun! 🙂 Really nice last picture before New Years Eve. Will go out and make a snowman NYAHAHAHAHAHA NICE TIME TO EVERYONE!!!! XD



Sparkling girl with tattoos and WORKFLOW!!!

16. Dezember 2014

This looks not bad! hahahaha Okay, I am starting to do some workflow and tutorial stuff. So at first some simple step by step development of this picture. I have actually a pretty messed up workflow. And that is not very effective if you want to get more and more realistic. But meh, fun is fun. I should have done more sparkles!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA  By the way, for those tattoos I used sketches from my sketchbook. Trying to combine my traditional and digital pics. Have fun!!! 😀