30. Oktober 2014

Its so relaxing for me to draw such portraits. Getting a nice reference and to just draw step by step. Designing a story and charakters or practicing stuff I cant draw at all is a really tideous. So if I still want to draw, but relax from drawing, I paint something like that. Its like wood chopping! ahahahahha



Wear some shoes!!!-Knight

29. Oktober 2014

A small practice turned, thanks to nice people who were showing me a lot of horror movies ;), into a bigger picture! XD

warrior!3-Recovered copy2

More practice ^^

25. Oktober 2014

Some practice with references! Hmmm my „Value-Seeing“ ist getting better, but now my lack of anatomy knowledge is in the way. Need to do some sculptures!


Some art, some ducks and some thoughts XD

23. Oktober 2014

Actually I am working primarily on an own (=super impressive!) 2D-Game right now hehehe but improving pure drawing skill is still on my timetable. Like wood chopping and fighting against ducks. I really wonder whats wrong with those ducks in our garden. The keep surprising me, they are like a pack of wolves. Especially when I get out sleepy in the morning to chop some wood – they jump out of some ditch and attack me. Just today I had nearly a haert attack. I am already giving them all the food I have, but they just keep bullying me. Sometimes I am even afraid of going outside when I hear them. But thats okay, I live longer then them, I just need to wait… and draw!

While drawing those girls with weapons I wondered why I draw such stuff. I am more about harmony and happyness than fighting. I should draw fluffy stuff that make everyone smile. But I guess its more about inner fighting, not about expressing violence. Getting better in drawing for example is pretty hard to me, it is a fight. Mostly a fight with myself. Not a bad fight, more of a really challenging and fun fight. A fight that is worth fighting. So maybe thats why I have still affections with combat stuff. Or Dragonball. Or Sword Art Online. Eventhough my highest priority is harmony, above everything else.

huntress_klein_simonenkotrooper_klein_simonenko  girl_in_green_small

Practice in new room

9. Oktober 2014

Moved in Rostock again! But now I will stay longer. Over the winter at least. Had to pause drawing for a few days. Everywhere nice people partying(in my new room) and laughing and I am only thinking „I need my room, I need to draw!!!! XD“ So I painted those drawings and got relaxed again. Now I can start decorating my new room hehehe



Practice PRACTICE :) (毎日練習)

26. September 2014

Right now its all about practicing. Nothing special, just taking fotos as references and trying to paint them as good as possible. Getting used to Photoshop, using new brushes. I am not thinking much about charakter or the meaning of the picture. I am just painting from life telling my brain to communicate better with my eyes hahhaha I made at least one of such paintings every day since the last blog post. Those are just the last ones, now I need a break so that my brain has time to grow even bigger! ahahahaha Will go for a nice long walk by the sea:))

blondegirl_ximko cherokee_ximko girl laughing_ximko redshirt_girl3_ximko

Punky knight girl and Glasses girl

14. September 2014

Yohohoho Drawing girls with glasses is always motivating for me! XD Glasses make the picture perfect ahahahaha