Some art, some ducks and some thoughts XD

Actually I am working primarily on an own (=super impressive!) 2D-Game right now hehehe but improving pure drawing skill is still on my timetable. Like wood chopping and fighting against ducks. I really wonder whats wrong with those ducks in our garden. The keep surprising me, they are like a pack of wolves. Especially when I get out sleepy in the morning to chop some wood – they jump out of some ditch and attack me. Just today I had nearly a haert attack. I am already giving them all the food I have, but they just keep bullying me. Sometimes I am even afraid of going outside when I hear them. But thats okay, I live longer then them, I just need to wait… and draw!

While drawing those girls with weapons I wondered why I draw such stuff. I am more about harmony and happyness than fighting. I should draw fluffy stuff that make everyone smile. But I guess its more about inner fighting, not about expressing violence. Getting better in drawing for example is pretty hard to me, it is a fight. Mostly a fight with myself. Not a bad fight, more of a really challenging and fun fight. A fight that is worth fighting. So maybe thats why I have still affections with combat stuff. Or Dragonball. Or Sword Art Online. Eventhough my highest priority is harmony, above everything else.

huntress_klein_simonenkotrooper_klein_simonenko  girl_in_green_small


One Response to Some art, some ducks and some thoughts XD

  1. Jino sagt:

    Why don´t you draw both? ^^
    Sometimes fluffy – sometimes tough =)

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